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Business Advisory – The secret to tax management and planning is to think ahead. If you use the proper strategies from the earliest stages of your business, you can ensure that you will pay less tax, improve your cash flow and boost your profits. The best time to consider your tax plans is in the inception of your business, however it is never too late to make changes and pour more money back into your business rather than to the tax department.

We at Will Alan Accountants can help you set up the smartest and most effective tax plans. These will make your business stronger and more profitable in both the short and long term. We take government law and policy into account, constantly trying to find ways to lower your tax burden. As these laws are always changing, our committed and qualified firm will be able to stay on top of your tax affairs and minimise the amount of tax that you are required to pay.

Direct Taxes

At Will Alan Accountants, we have years of expertise in dealing with all kinds of businesses and their related taxes. We can help you navigate the tax minefield to ensure that your business comes out in a great position. Our direct tax expertise includes:

Tax reorganisations and consolidations
Tax compliance and task risk management
General and strategic tax advice
Negotiating with the ATO
Reasonable Arguable Position papers
Capital raisings and floats
Due diligence
Mergers, divestments and acquisitions
Applications for private rulings

Indirect Taxes

Understanding the role that indirect tax has on your business is an important step to managing its financial position. Our accountants take the time to figure out your business and understand your unique tax position. We can then use this information to help educate you on tax matters so that you can make more informed decisions. We can also help by acting on your behalf to deal with the Australian Taxation Office. As part of this, we can stamp your documentation and lodge your returns, as well as deal with any disputes.

Our years of experience and unparalleled expertise allows us to provide our customers with effective strategies to help you with:

Payroll Tax
Fringe Benefits Tax
Customs and Excise
Land Tax
Stamp Duty
Fuel taxes and credits
Luxury Car Tax
Government grants
Research and development
International transactions
Wine Equalisation Tax

Do you need to pay International Taxes?

International taxes aren’t a concern for every Australian business, but for the ones whose arrangements make it something that they have to contend with, it can add an extra layer of complexity to your accounting. Thankfully, we are well versed in these manners and can guide your business through them without any headaches. We have the knowledge to help you strategically plan for the risks and tax implications of international tax. Our services cover:

International taxation
Cross-border taxes
Inward and outward taxes
Transfer pricing
Expatriate services

We’re more than just accountants. We’re advisors and strategists that will help you grow your business — Will Alan Accountants

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