Wealth Management


What exactly is Wealth Management?

Wealth management isn’t just one thing, like accounting, tax planning, financial advice or portfolio management. It is a broad discipline, encompassing all of these individual services and more in order to manage your money effectively and grow your wealth. It is, in essence, managing your wealth through a variety of financial services. We at Will Alan Accountants are expert wealth management advisors, having professionals in every field from Accounting, Financial Services, Financial Planning and Business Advisors. Our team can help you grow your wealth through the right choices and planning. With over 50 years of combined experience in the firm our agents have helped many of individuals achieve their financial goals through smart, educated choices and advice.

Wealth management takes an umbrella approach, using all of the unique disciplines cohesively to reach the same goal, to grow your wealth as much as possible. If each aspect of your personal finance isn’t working together, it can make it much more difficult to reach your goals. If your tax planning is running efficiently, but your investments are being ignored, your overall financial position might not look so great.

The discipline of wealth management encompasses estate planning, business succession planning, wealth protection, tax planning, investment management and more. When all of these are brought together, it can give you more confidence in the viability of your finances and reaching your long term goals.

Why Do I Need a Wealth Management Professional?

Sure, you can manage your finances yourself. You might even be able to do a good job. But a good wealth management professional can do a great job and the difference between good and great can be huge in the world of finance. Because money grows in a compounding progression, those few percentage points that a great wealth manager can save you can add up to a lot of money throughout your life.

A wealth manager will start by helping you come up with a plan. They will look at your current financial situation and ask about your goals and where you would like to be. They then come up with strategies and realistic plans for you to work together and build your wealth towards your goals. Good wealth planning takes a collaborative, long term approach that aims to increase your wealth over the years. There will be bad years and perhaps investments that don’t work out, but this doesn’t matter as long as your finances are on the right trajectory.

You will meet regularly with your wealth manager to review your plan, analyse new developments and changes to your goals. A good wealth manager will work with you throughout your life in a long and prosperous relationship.

Why choose Will Alan Accountants

We offer everything from accounting to financial broking under the one roof and can make all of the services work together cohesively to ensure that you are kept in a good financial position.

At Will Alan Accountants, we take pride in their work and are passionate about building the wealth of their clients. Nothing is more rewarding for them than seeing their clients finally buy that dream house or live out the retirement that they have always wanted. They offer a comprehensive wealth management service that can help deliver you towards your goals. Because they offer all of the services under the one roof, they can offer a different perspective on building wealth than many other firms.

We’re more than just accountants. We’re advisors and strategists that will help you grow your business — Will Alan Accountants



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